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Get Cooking!

30 October 14

Fit Food Fit Life CIC have been commissioned in by Dudley Metropolitan Council to run the Get Cooking programme.

This programme is a free  service that helps you to make practical and long term changes to your diet! Get Cooking groups run for 6 sessions of 2 hours each week. You will learn more about food and health - having a balanced diet, five a day, food labels, healthier alternatives, healthy cooking ideas, diet related diseases and lots more!

Get Cooking groups meet at local community venues with kitchen facilities, where the group will cook cheap, tasty and easy recipes, which you can sample and take home!

Get Cooking is available to anyone who lives or works within Dudley. For more information please call 07545 180103, alternatively email


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Sandwell Asian Family Support Service

30 October 14

Fit Food Fit Life CIC are currently working with the Sandwell Asian Family Support Service to provide The Feeling Good Lifestyle programme to support and help carers to not only to look after themselves, but also the family members they care for.

The Feeling Good Lifestyle Programme covers:

  • The Eatwell Plate - what it means and how to achieve a balanced diet
  • The importance of a balanced diet combined with exercise
  • Cooking for you and your family - helping you to improve their eating habits
  • Looking after yourself - keeping yourself fit and healthy to help you continue to care for others
  • Tackling food misconceptions
  • Exercise taster sessions
  • Practical cooking skills
  • One to one support

More information about The Feeling Good Lifestyle Programme, please email



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The Little Fit Foodie Programme

30 October 14

For those of you who may not have come across The Little Fit Foodie Programmes before, here is a bit about ourselves.

Fit Food Fit Life is a Community Interest Company, working with local Schools, NHS, Children’s Centres and Local Authorities throughout the West Midlands. Our mission is:

“To encourage and support adults and children to adopt healthier lifestyles, through a variety of practical fun food activities to learn about making better food choices and help to improve the health and wellbeing of the local Community.”

Working to this mission and to adhere to the new Government guidelines surrounding nutrition and healthy eating, “The Little Fit Foodie Adventure” will successfully cover this area of the curriculum, whilst always keeping your students engaged and well informed. Fit Food Fit Life CIC can help encourage and develop the knowledge of healthy eating within schools by addressing the health and wellbeing of the pupils and their families and through boosting their confidence to make healthier choices in their daily life. We know how important it is for children to be aware of today’s healthy eating messages, therefore our innovative sessions are interactive, informative and fun!

So, here is what we have been up to…

Our Fit Foodie team have been busy taking pupils out on a life changing adventure, stimulating their senses and entering the exciting world of healthy food and wellbeing! Our team have been working with Little Fit Foodies all around the West Midlands; introducing new foods and feeding their brains with knowledge and mouth-watering healthy dishes, such as Crunchy Vegetable Cous Cous and Yoghurt Sundaes!

Our Fit Foodie adventure does not stop there! It’s very important for the pupils to learn from their teachers too, so our team has been out teaching…the teachers! Our staff training sessions are filled with useful tips and information to get the children excited about healthy eating and nutrition; including the government guidelines and interactive cooking! Even better, the dishes are sampled there and then! Not only do the Fit Food Trainees receive all recipes, they also receive an information pack - all developed by the NHS.

For more information please contact 07808 127483, alternatively email 

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Shop Healthy Scheme

30 October 14

Fit Food Fit Life CIC have been commissioned in by Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council to run the Shop Healthy scheme.

This programme is for retailers within the Dudley Borough to promote healthy eating and ensure that their customers are offered healthy balanced choices; to encourage them to cook from scratch at home.

this award is free and open to all retailers across the Dudley Borough. If you would like more information contact Kavita on 07545 189394, alternatively email!


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The Dudley Food For Health Award

30 October 14

Fit Food Fit Life CIC have been commissioned in by Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council to run the Dudley Food For Health Award.

This is a free award for caterers who offer healthy dishes and products, enabling customers to choose healthy options when eating out.

The aim is to support local caterers to promote healthy eating and ensure that their customers are offered healthy balanced choices. Having healthy food choices is becoming more important; over 1/3 of consumers have at least one lunch meal out each week and their demand of wider choice of healthy food outlets is also on the increase.

If you are a caterer within the Dudley Borough and would like to find out more, please contact Kavita on 07545 189394, alternatively email


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