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Introduction To Fitness

Cooking on a Budget

Specific workshops looking at simple, tasty and affordable meals-how cooking from scratch is possible on a budget and with little time available.

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Interactive Childrens Sessions

Tailored to suit the needs and ages of the group we offer a number of interactive workshops to encourage children and young adults to experiment with food and be open to trying new things.

Who Are Our Clients

Well-Being Courses

Rounded course covering nutrition, exercise and mental well-being. Courses can be tailored to fit any group and their requirements.

Who Are We?

Understanding Labels

With all the jargon used on labels, it can be a nightmare to find the information you need. This workshop helps to pull out the important information and decipher marketing term used to sell a product.

How Can We Help You

Nutritional Information

We can prodvide the healthy eating messages in a clear, fun and practical way - combining this information with hands on cooking skills.

Cookery Classes & Food Tasters

Cooking Skills

Recipe interpretation, ktichen skills, food hygiene and health and safety all form part of the cooking skills workshop. This forms the practical part of our nutrition and cooking skills workshop.

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